Friday, May 22, 2009

update soon....

im so behind at posting.... ill be updating from the last two months tomorrow... xoxo

Monday, March 30, 2009


Over Spring Break my Grandma gave my kids the coolest birthday gifts.. she took them to the happiest place on earth! Disneyland of course! Cory and I obviously tagged along.. there was no way we were going to miss their very first trip there. I am so happy we went because i wouldnt have wanted to miss it for the world. They were so excited!! The entire 3 days at Disneyland Presley was jumping up and down and was super giddy , it was so cute. When we got there the first day Gavin said " Somebody pinch me.. i must be dreaming!" I seriously wanted to cry just watching their reactions to all the new things. They had the absolute best time. The 4th & 5th day we spent at the Huntington Beach and of course.. All 3 days at Disneyland were super nice& sunny & then of course the two days we were at the beach it was totally overcast and pretty cold. I was fun though and it didnt stop me and the kids from getting in the water a little bit. We all had so much fun and cant wait to go back next year, I think its definatley going to be a ritual. We took tons and tons of pictures so i obviously cant post all of them even though i want to so ill post some of my very favorites. xoxo

Im Back..........!!

So I havent been keeping up with my blog in awhile, basically in a nut shell, my life was turned upside down for couple of months but im happy to say that things are starting to look up and im very optimistic about the future.. xoxo

Friday, December 12, 2008

*Breaking Dawn*

So ive read the last book in the Twilight Saga and im so sad that its over.... I can't believe that i read these four books in one week, each was longer than the one before it and i feel like i read each one faster than the one before i was so into it. Not too mention ive been under so much stress latley that the only thing that was making me forget a little about how much was goin on in my life was these books so i guess i kind of threw myslef into them to kind of escape the stress. it definalty helped but im so sad that i cant read anymore about this fictional love story that has won my heart for last week. Silly i know. This book was by far my favorite of the four. Everything that i had hoped for Bella and Edward happened and came true in this book. It was all about love and family and happy endings. I still haven't seen the movie and im looking forward to seeing if i think its better than the book. Guess ill find out this sunday! xoxo

* Eclipse*

This is the third book in the twilight saga and i loved this one! it definatley had alot more of the lovey stuff that i like but there is also a charactor from the the last book that made his way into this one. He is the "other" guy.. the one who makes Bella do stupid sneaky things to Edward, the one she's supposed to be so in love with that for basically the whole last book prayed she would get a chance to be with again.. oops i might have gave a little to much away but oh well, i'm so frustrated with her! I totally understand that this new guy was there for her to pick up the pieces and help her try to get over Edward and was her best friend but its so obvious that he's in love with her and I feel like if she wants to be with this other guy than she just needs to tell the guy she is supposed to be so dedicated to that she wants to keep this other guy as her friend but stop being so damn sneaky. She knows that Edward only did what he did to protect her which is all he has ever done. Now he has to feel guilty every time she does something wrong or sneaky and blame himself , if he wouldn't have left things would have been different, and i get that but seriously if i was him, i would be a little more pissed. Maybe thats why i like hiom so much, because nomatter what she does, sneaky, stupid or whatever he never thinks less of there , he finds a way to blame himself and does nothing but eveyrthing in his power to make up for what he did and try to make her happy even if he doesnt agree with it. This other guy, even though he is her best friend, should put a little more thought into what makes her happy instead of what makes himself happy, maybe then i would like him more. So if you haven't edim all for "Team Edward". People have asked me this and until this book i was like what are you talking about but yeah, definatly like Edward over Jacob. The ending in this is pretty good though. Overall, i loved this book too! Who would have guessed! i heard the last one is the best..... xoxo

*New Moon*

So i read the 2nd book of the Twilight saga as soon as i finished the first one and i have to say i was a little disapointed. Not because it wasn't a good story but mostly because i got so into hearing the story of Bella and Edward that I was hoping to read more about them in this book. Something that didn't totally take me by suprise ( i kinda knew it was coming but i was hoping it wouldn't).. happend & totally made me cry... and then continued to just upset me until almost the very end of the book. I guess all books can't totally revolve around mushy love but i wouldn't mind that much if it did, i'd be perfectly happy with that but all love storys have to have some kind of trial in it i guess, some kind of heart break and new feelings for other people sometimes make their way into the story. Im trying not to give to much away in case someone hasn't read it yet... but the end of the book was definately my favorite part ... i love a story where you just know that two people belong together when both are willing to risk their lives to save the other person or give up their lives to be with that person who they thought was gone forever... the next book better have more mushy love stuff like i like or ill be really mad:)xoxo


So i know im a little behind with the whole Twilight thing & i was sure that i wouln't turn into one of those crazy Twilight fans... but after finally reading the first book in only 1 day i was hooked... I totally loved it and couldn't wait to read the other three books. I have to admit Im obsessed, it's definately one of the most interesting love stories ive ever read. Althought the main charactor was in love with a vampire and thats kind of creepy..... something about the way he thought about her and forgot about all this instincts to kill her & did every thing to protect her even if it caused him physical pain or put him in danger, made me totally get into the book and almost want her to just somehow convince him to bite her so they could spent their lives together in love and perfectly happy. I seriously didnt think i would be all that into this book but it definately won me over. I recommend this book to any girl who loves a good action filled love story.xoxo